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About John F. Abate

John F. Abate

A seasoned business leader and entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the information technology sector, John F. Abate has served as a senior programmer and analyst with both the china/giftware leader Lenox and the book and media distributor Baker & Taylor. With a career that spans nearly four decades, he has developed particular expertise in the development of software applications using COBOL, CICS, DB/2, Access, and Visual Basic. John F. Abate has also taught courses in the MS-DOS operating system as an adjunct instructor with the Natural and Applied Sciences Department of Brookdale College.

John Abate has owned and operated the print publishing and CD-ROM software distributor Marketforce since 1988. Headquartered in Clarksburg, New Jersey, Marketforce covers a wide range of topics, including horse race handicapping.

Mr. Abate subsequently expanded his print and software publishing efforts by establishing Wintrack in Perrineville, New Jersey, in 1999 and Success Publishers in Millstone Township, New Jersey, in 2003. Wintrack’s publishing focus includes choosing effective lottery numbers, while Success Publishers focuses more on topics such as winning at casino slots.

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