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Some Approaches to Common Gardening

John F. Abate was a resident of Perrineville, New Jersey. He has a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ. In his free time, John F. Abate enjoys playing the guitar, trading in stock options, and gardening.

Gardening is more than planting flowers and may involve aspects of design. There are various types of gardening approaches. Below are two examples.

One is a water garden. It may be built from any water container, such as a pond or half-barrel. Aquatic plants, fish, and other aquatic life are commonly placed in water gardens. It also may be as simple as having a few plants in a bowl, or as elaborate as a pond with waterfalls and filters.

A water garden is simple to create. The most basic elements include a watertight container, potted aquatic plants, pea gravel, and fresh water. A mixture of submerged plants, emergent plants, and floaters is ideal. Wild celery, dwarf papyrus, water hyacinth, and water lettuce are common aquatic plants found in a water garden.

Next, container gardening allows for growing plants inside, such as in a room of a house, and is especially advantageous for cold climate conditions. It is even possible to use an old boot, a porcelain pitcher, or even a bathtub as a container. Indoor gardening also provides the ideal opportunity to recycle household products that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Plants can be grown in containers indoors, outdoors, in conservatories, and greenhouses. They may be used alone or in groups for aesthetic appeal, including the variability in plant arrangement and design of the container.