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What Is Horse Race Handicapping?


Horse Race pic
Horse Race
Image: bloodhorse.com

John F. Abate has operated multiple businesses offering printed guides to gambling topics since 1988. Among the topics John F. Abate covers is horse race handicapping, a practice that makes horse racing less predictable and more competitive.

A handicap race assigns weights to horses based on an assessment of their overall performance. Horses that outperform their peers are given more weight, which reduces the ability gulf and in theory gives each participating horse an equal chance of winning. Horses receive their handicaps based on an initial three runs, with further adjustments if these handicaps prove insufficient to keep races close.

While this system strives for closeness in races, there are ways to cause a temporary, significant change in a horse’s performance, racking up a brief streak of wins. For instance, young horses that complete their initial runs near the end of a season will retain their handicaps at the start of the following season, even though training and growth have significantly improved their overall athleticism. This leads to an extremely powerful performance early in the season.

Those interested in betting on handicap races should pay close attention to the potential to profit from handicapping, and use it to their advantage.