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Two IEEE Life Fellows Earn 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics


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Image: IEEE.org

A graduate of Monmouth University’s MBA program, John F. Abate owns several New Jersey-based businesses, including Wintrack, Marketforce, and Success Publishers, LLC. In addition, John F. Abate belongs to the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

Dating back to 1884, IEEE is the world’s largest technical organization. Its mission is to advance technology and foster technological innovation.

In October 2018, the IEEE announced that two of its life fellows, Dr. Arthur Ashkin and Dr. Gerard Mourou, received the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics. They, along with Dr. Donna Strickland of the University of Waterloo, were recognized by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for their work with the photonics community and laser physics.

Dr. Arthur Ashkin of Bell Laboratories received half of the Nobel Prize for his work with optical tweezers and their use in biological systems. His work transformed optical manipulation of matter.

Dr. Gerard Mourou of Ecole Polytechnique and the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor and Dr. Strickland were jointly awarded half for their work in generating high-intensity optical pulses, advancing the medical, manufacturing, and research fields.